Nightlife + Dining

It wouldn’t be LA without exclusive nightlife, and Loop Magazine is here to navigate the scene with you. We’ve got the intel on engaging stories from crowded clubs, chill bars where singles can mingle, delicious dining experiences, and live music! Essential to Loop’s targeted storytelling, our suggestions for nightlife venues vary depending on age and taste, but, regardless, we’re sure to guide you to the luxury you deserve. Click below to spend the night with Loop Mag. 

LA’s Best Craft: A Cocktail City Tour

Although I find all these to be crucial parts of the nightlife experience, one of my favorite aspects would have to be the cocktails. There is nothing I love more than a crafty mixed drink that is sweet, strong, and instagrammable.

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A Night at Zebulon

A Night at Zebulon Image via Pexels “Whether you are looking for live music, an extensive bar/food menu, or an outdoor patio area, Zebulon has

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Going Meatless

Going Meatless Photography via Pexels Ok if you need an introduction to the vegan life you could start here… As we all know, ‘going vegan’

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Deral Boykin: King of Brunch

“Jamie Foxx had just finished the movie with Tom Cruise. Low and behold, we’re doing this party, and Tom Cruise comes in through the back and actually sits down next to me. . .”

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La Boheme: Best Oysters in Town

The décor, which clearly spared no expense, grabbed my instant affection (you should know by now, I love an ambiance), and I was brimming with enthusiasm as I glanced over the cocktail menu.

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Calling All 30+ Singles

Calling All 30+ Singles Image: Loop Magazine Let’s mingle at The Maybourne Bar It’s Saturday night, and I’m single. In New York, I had it

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