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A New Must-See DJ Hits LA’s Nightlife Scene

If you are a regular in the LA club scene, it is likely that you have witnessed DJ Farco’s set performance whether you knew it or not. DJ Farco is an up-and-coming DJ who made his way to LA after his “big break,” opening for Ja Rule, Ashanti, and Tory Lanez back in his hometown of New Jersey (sounds like a dream performance, to me!).

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Dri Jack: A Bright Light

When I heard Dri Jack’s new EP, The Other Side, I instantly knew I was a fan. Though the lyrics are rich with emotion and personal experiences, including hardships, there is a youthful optimism in the beats and melodies that makes me think of summertime, driving with the top down, and drinking with girlfriends during daylight.

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Her Moment in Live Music: An interview with DJ Jadaboo

If you’re in-the-know when it comes to music, you’ve likely listened to one of DJ Jadaboo’s viral TikToks or seen Diddy hype her at one of his infamous parties or caught her on Instagram spinning for Kehlani. And whether it’s her nods to nostalgia, her one-of-a-kind transitions, or even her eye-catching good looks, I’m certain you agree that DJ Jadaboo is what’s on-trend for this moment in live music.

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Benoni Tagoe: The Future of Sound

For Benoni Tagoe, the President and Co-Founder of Raedio – an audio everywhere company, his early visions of the future were simple but important: he wanted to be young and successful and create impact.

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Dexter Carr Talks Dance, Life, and LA’s Greatest Playground

The tall, slender dancer was part of the original Broadway cast of Bring It On: The Musical and later, In the Heights during his tenure in New York City. An appearance in Chris Brown’s Kiss Kiss music video launched him into the hip hop scene, and he has since worked with nearly every well-known artist and then some: JLo, Missy Elliot, and Demi Lovato, to name a few.

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