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We’re keeping it luxury in Loop Magazine’s Beauty + Fashion branch. Trust our contributing stylists and designers as they share shopping recs, review the runway, and interview creatives. Whether you’re donning the best couture, grabbing a vintage garment, or looking to zap those frown lines, we have just the recommendation you need.

High Fashion Hits the Streets

The story of La Ropa designers Jimbo Williams’ and Aristotle Sanchez’s rise to stardom is just as shocking and catchy as the T-shirt slogan that grabbed the world’s attention: Pussy Builds Strong Bones.

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Best of Coachella

Best of Coachella Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Mariama Diallo Instagram We did a round up of Coachella’s hottest outfits, and

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LA Fashion Week’s Show Stealers

The tall, slender dancer was part of the original Broadway cast of Bring It On: The Musical and later, In the Heights during his tenure in New York City. An appearance in Chris Brown’s Kiss Kiss music video launched him into the hip hop scene, and he has since worked with nearly every well-known artist and then some: JLo, Missy Elliot, and Demi Lovato, to name a few.

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Co-Ords for Any Occasion

Co-Ords for Any Occasion Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email “I believe displaying confidence through fashion is an amazing feeling.” The first

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In Good Conscience

In Good Conscience creates naturally-derived body washes with a sustainable, minority owned and focused business model. The line of bodywashes, intended for use by all genders and nonbinary individuals, includes ingredients like Babassu oil, sustainably-sourced from the Dominican Republic.

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